Flat Roofs

Homesure Installations Limited, are able to quote, supply and install a Maintenance Free Flat Roof, constructed using the toughest material available, consisting of liquid primer, glass fibre reinforced with resin and top coat.
Flat Roofs
Our highly qualified fitters ensure that your roof is installed or improved to the best standars. We use the best materials in the industry to ensure that the installation is up to building regulations and standards, and that it is made to last. 

We can offer the roofs in various designs and finishes, to complement your home, and fit in with the rest of your previous or upcoming installations. 

As you can see from the images above, these roofs can be enjoyes just as much from the inside as they are from the outside. Our installation services ensure that the roof and room underneath is well insulated and and enjoyable to live in.  
This system is a cold cure product, a durable, long lasting, seamless and waterproof roofing system carrying a 20 year guarantee but with a lifetime expectancy. Unlike Heat applied Felt/Rubber Systems, there is no chance of Fire Hazard on application.
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