Make “Ladders and paint pots” a thing of the past, why waste your precious free time! Your home will look immaculate for years to come. Available in a choice of colours to match your existing window or profile colour that will complement your home, whether it is white or woodgrain, all carrying the BSI Kitemark, the world known Symbol for quality products.
Using the finest raw materials available, The products used to replace your Roofline are made of PVC- UE, these products offer long lasting protection that makes costly maintenance a thing of the past, unlike timber PVC-UE will not rot, warp, crack, blister or discolour. 

Homesure Installations Limited are able to provide you with a choice of High Quality Rainwater Systems to include colour options of White, Black and Brown.

An “age old problem” with the standard dark coloured guttering was the expansion of the PVC due to the absorption of heat, Homesure Installations Limited have over come this by using an innovative Rainwater System that is manufactured with an internal white lining.

Test results show that white surfaces that are exposed to heat, only attain a surface temperature of 10 degrees centigrade over the air temperature whilst black or darker colours can rise a further 30-40 degrees and this can then lead to the PVC softening, Using the two colour/layered system, excessive expansion can be dramatically reduced.


Protecting your property from the elements, our superior roofline and cladding products will stay beautiful for years saving you from costly roof structure repair bills, a choice of colours and styles that will blend naturally with the original design features.
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